San Francisco, CA / 2016-06-23

We woke early (630 AM) to get in line for same day tickets to Alcatraz, but we were two parties behind the last available tickets in line.  So, on the fly, we changed our plans and decided to head over to Sausalito for the day.  Before we could do that however, we had to stop by Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions.  Not many were awake, but we spent some time watching them on the pier.  We loaded back into the car and headed to the Discovery Science Center.

Outdoor area at Disovery Science Center

This children’s museum was very neat with lots of outdoor play areas and trails to explore with the kids.  The Discovery Science Center allowed for a free reciprocal entry with our family membership pass to MOSI in Tampa.  Lila and Weston especially liked the Tot Play Area both inside and out.

Weston and Lila exploring the outdoor Tot area

Cailtyn especially enjoyed the temporary exhibit on Magic Tree House as her second grade class had spent quite a bit of time on the series this past year.

The kids made stained glass crafts and we spent the rest of the morning here.

All four kids perched up the Pirate Ship, with Golden Gate in the background
Amazing views from within the Children’s Museum

Next, we headed into downtown Sausalito for lunch and exploring, which consisted of slightly above average pizza (for way above average pricing) at Sandrino’s yelp_icon and a stroll down the main drag.

Emily, Weston and Caitlyn enjoying some pizza

The weather definitely lived up to the “micro-climates” we had heard about here.  At Pier 39, we were freezing (53 degrees!).  Walking down Sausalito, we were very warm (high 70’s).  So warm that Brooke had to buy a T Shirt to cool down!

Picturesque view of Sausalito
Brooke enjoying the views

After a little exploring, we headed back over the Golden Gate Bridge to Baker Beach which gave us a different view of the bridge.  Weston had fallen asleep by this time, but we all went out to beach to enjoy the views, sand and driftwood while I carried a sleeping Weston.

Emily at Baker Beach

We headed back into the car and then onto another park at the Alta Plaza.  Four sets of stairs later, we made it to the top of the park and the best views ever for a kids playground.  Two playgrounds in two days, we are becoming experts.

It was closing in on dinner time and knowing that we did not want to be out near Haight street at night again, we made our way to Whole Foods to pickup some basic groceries and to eat in their café.  It was extremely small and claustrophobic, but our hunger drove us on.  After eating, we headed back to the vacation home, bathed the kids, did some laundry and watched Big Brother.  Finally, off to bed to wake even earlier to get those tickets for Alcatraz!

This is day 3 on our California Road Trip Summer 2016.  Make sure to check out the entire trip!


Some things I didn’t know that I didn’t know (#tidktidk):

–          Temporary Barrier movers over the Golden Gate Bridge
–          Micro-climates
–          5 minute stop light

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