Columbia, CA / 2016-06-26

We took our time in the morning knowing that we would not be fighting the crowds in Yosemite and decided instead to head to a living ghost town in Columbia, CA.  The drive took about 45 minutes back down the steep winding road.

Lila in front of Don Pedro Reservoir

There wasn’t much to see until we got to Sonara and then into Columbia.  They had blocked off one street, about 8 blocks to act as a living ghost town with saloons, a blacksmith, museums and candy shops.

We did everything a tourist would do in the town, including dipping candles into wax, visiting the candy and ice cream store, eating lunch at the hotel and then mining for gold.

Dusty and hot, we made our way back to the car and then back to our vacation home.

Our mode of transportation most days!

Needing to cool down, we changed into bathing suits, grabbed our goggles and went to the lake for a swim.

The kids at Pine Mountain Lake before testing the temperature

Little did we realize, the lake was freezing cold (at least to us Florida natives).

Caitlyn freezing in the mountain top lake water!

We eventually got used to the temperature and swam out to the floating dock with the slides.  Emily, Caitlyn and Lila all took turns down the slide.

Lila and Weston in the water, looking on as Emily and Caitlyn get ready to go down the slide

Hoping the pool was somewhat warmer, we took our family there.  Turns out it wasn’t much warmer out of the water even though it was almost 100 degrees outside.  Another rather short time at this water spot and then we headed back home for creative dinner, bath-time and bedtime.

Some wild deer that we saw every time after leaving the pool, or on the golf course

This is day 6 on our California Road Trip Summer 2016.  Make sure to check out the entire trip!


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