Studio City, CA / 2016-07-03

We had actually looked forward to a lazy Sunday after what felt like non stop action since we had arrived in California a week and half ago.  We took our time waking up in the morning and exploring our vacation town home in Studio City.  The kids loved the upstairs (third floor) landing and Brooke and I loved the openness and space after the last 3 nights in a single hotel room with four kids.

The location was convenient to walk to many places, including the famous Studio City Farmers Market held on Sundays.

Studio City Farmer’s Market

Celebrities are known to visit the place and we did see Jane Lynch shopping and confronted by the paparazzi.  She was not pleased and threw a few choice words at the photographers.  The kids sampled whatever the could and we ended up buying a small dessert pie from PI Bake Shop yelp_icon and some fruit.

Banana Oreo Pie!

Next, we walked across the street to Trader Joe’s to load up for the week.  I took three of the kids back to the town home to get the car after we realized that we would not make it back on foot with all those bags.  And, speaking of bags, in Studio City and in San Francisco, we received dirty looks and comments every time we asked for a bag (and paid extra for them).

After coming back to the town home, Brooke took a nap while the kids played and relaxed.  We enjoyed the down time to rest and rehab from the trip thus far.  After arising, we decided to head to a thrift store to buy some cheap toys for the kids to play with while at the town home and then re-donate before we left, as well as for me to pick out some books.  We ended up at Goodwill in Sherman Oak (on Ventura Blvd) because the other nearby thrift stores were focused on clothes and would not have anything to satisfy the kids.

While Brooke took the kids to look the toys (and hopefully find a cheap blender for us to use for smoothies), I was looking at books.  A loud, angry shout from across the store caused me to look up and staring at me from about 20 feet away was a man clearly on drugs staring straight at me.  Something had caused him to believe that I had said something from across the store to offend him and he began a brisk walk toward me while continuing to yell and throw curse words my way.  I affronted him by raising my hands and attempting to convince him that I had not said anything, hoping that he would quickly change his mind, but that seemed to entice him more.  He approached the table of books across from me and pushed the large pile of books of the table toward and onto me, still yelling his insults.  He turned and circled around the table until we were face to face, clearly angry and under the influence.  I did my best to stay calm while picking up a few hard back books in case I needed to distract him by throwing them at him.  He raised a fist and threw a punch that I dodged and then changed his mind and left the store.  I looked around and there were a lot of people staring, not knowing what had happened, thinking that perhaps I had insulted him.  The cashier made a comment that this was a common occurrence for this person and that he was now outside would stay there for a bit and then leave.  She asked if I was OK.  I said yes, but I had my family inside and didn’t feel comfortable leaving.  I looked for Brooke and the kids to see if they had witnessed, but fortunately they had not and did not know what had occurred.  I told them to stay put, be ready to go quickly and went back to the front.  He was still outside and incensed, so I waited in the back longer.  Not able to give Brooke a full detail while still in the store, I told her that when I said so to quickly get the kids into the car and buckle Weston in the car seat while we drove.  I looked again and he was nowhere to be seen so we left quickly into the car, locked the doors and left the parking lot in a hurry.  I explained what happened, but was I still clearly shaken.  I was thankful that he had not done anything more, nor had Brooke or the kids witnessed anything.

We drove closer to Studio City proper and found a Barnes and Noble (Bookstar yelp_icon) in an old theatre.  This was a cool place and I found a few books while everyone but Emily found something else to buy.  It was more expensive than the thrift store would have been, but I gladly would pay the difference to be safe.  I could not believe that the staff knew if this guy’s unbalance and still let him frequent the store.  They were very lax about the situation.  Perhaps they know that he only yells to scare and never actually assaults, but this is certainly not something I was used to.  We made our way home after this for a home cooked meal, the first real one we had had on this trip.  Everyone ate until full and it was a great meal.  Then, off to bed for tomorrow was scheduled to be an early morning.

This is day 13 on our California Road Trip Summer 2016.  Make sure to check out the entire trip!

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