Los Angeles, CA / 2016-07-09

We awoke to our last full day in Los Angeles. Our time in Los Angeles was the longest stop of our road trip and looking back on our time thus far, we had had some fantastic days, like 4th of July in Footbridge Square and the Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach. We had done some research into more interesting (and less known) places to visit in LA and landed on Griffith Park. Our first intention was to do some hiking, but we could not determine how stroller friendly the trails were, so instead we honed in on the Old LA Zoo and the Travel Town Museum. We did our best to use what was left in the fridge to pack a lunch and then headed out toward Griffith Park.

We attempted to use the cryptic instructions found online to park nearest to the entrance to the Old LA Zoo and ended up next to an old merry go round, with a focus on clowns.

The rides were cheap (and so was the popcorn), so we indulged in both before attempting to find the Old LA Zoo yelp_icon (or Griffith Park Zoo). After the ride, we asked some workers where we might find the zoo and were given more unspecific directions. Finally, we set off on what looked like the correct path and pushed the stroller uphill (for about 1/2 mile!) to enter the zoo.


Wow! This was certainly an interesting place. It opened in 1912 and officially closed 1966. The city left the structures in place and graffiti and natural wear and tear have taken over. I believe they hold Halloween events here still, but otherwise, it is an open area once inside Griffith Park. We observed the large and small animal enclosures, as well as the bird and monkey cages.

We were able to walk the length of the zoo in about 15 minutes; compared to current zoos, this was quite small.

We climbed into some of the larger habitats and watched the wind swirl around us and kick up the dust.

This was definitely a very cool place to visit!

After walking down the hill with the stroller, the kids played at Shane’s Inspiration Playground, which a 2 acre accessible playground in Griffith Park. The kids climbed and slid, crawled and ran (overall just had a great time). There were a few different rolled in vendors like you might see in NYC selling food and little toys. After the park, we loaded into the car and headed to the Travel Town Museum yelp_icon (also in Griffith Park). Dedicated to trains and railroads, the walking, outdoor museum hosted a number of old train cars to explore. We mistakenly assumed the museum to be much smaller than it was and opted not to bring the stroller. After just reaching the entrance, we realized our error, but pressed on. We explored some of the train cars at the front of the park and noticed that you could even rent out a train car for birthday party – that would be a great idea!

Brooke with the kids inside the train car

Next, we explored some of the exhibits and then followed along for a tour from a docent of a train setup from the early 19th century. It allowed us to get a glimpse into life from that time, sleeping quarters, a dining cart and the rest of the train.

A little more exploring of some of the locomotives around and we were ready to rest back in the car for a bit.

Knowing this was our last day, we decided to pack it all in and made a stop at the California Science Center.  The kids explored the NASA and space exhibits, underwater hands on experiments and explored different climates.  We stayed until the center closed and walked over to the LA Coliseum to get a few pictures on our way back to the car.


Since we had not satisfied our sweet tooth since our day in Santa Monica, we decided to pick a great place for dessert and landed on B Sweet (back in Santa Monica area). We did, however, need dinner first. We landed on Sonorita’s Prime Tacos yelp_icon because we knew the kids would enjoy chips and rice, and I love this type of Mexican food.


We were able to sit outside and eat some great food and then walk across the street to our next destination, B Sweet yelp_icon.


I enjoyed a “Halo” which was an ice cream sandwich using two hot donuts as the “bread”. Or, as they describe it… “Our CRAZY hot pressed ice cream sandwiches!!! Your choice of ice cream sealed INSIDE a hot glazed donut”…It was as good as it sounds.

Lila and Weston enjoying Ice Cream…I’m enjoying a Halo!

The kids ate ice cream, the fudgiest brownie and a Cookie Monster.

Caitlyn with her Cookie Monster

After eating to our fill and enjoying some outdoor live music, we finally headed back to the car to make the drive back into Studio City – our last night in the area. We did laundry, packed as much as our energy would allow and got ready for the next part of our road trip south to San Diego.

This is day 19 on our California Road Trip Summer 2016.  Make sure to check out the entire trip!

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