Sedona, AZ to PHX to TPA / 2016-07-16

I nervously awoke before 6 AM to make sure we were ready to go and not miss our flight (it was the only directly flight of the day from PHX to TPA).  I was able to witness the sunrise over our vacation home and the red rocks and was amazed even more by this beauty.


Everyone else woke up, we had a quick breakfast and finished loading up the car.  We did a thorough check of all the rooms and closets, made sure we had all of our belongings and that they were in checkable bags and left Sedona to head back to Phoenix.

At PHX, we checked the bags at curbside and I dropped off the kids and Brooke while I returned the rental car.  That car had really served us well, making the trip from San Francisco all the way to Phoenix and we were grateful for it.  The return went smoothly and I grabbed the airport shuttle back to the airport terminal.  I met up with Brooke and the kids, made it through security.  On the other side, we grabbed some snacks and lunch and then boarded the plane.  The kids were amazingly well behaved again and the flight was uneventful (as you always hope).  We landed in TPA, I headed over to grab our vehicles and picked up the family at the airport terminal again.  We loaded up, and headed home.
It feels exhausting just writing about all we did on this trip, but we purposefully planned the trip that way, knowing that our endurance (is there such a thing as travel endurance?) would build up as we went along the trip and this was a once in a lifetime trip that we wanted to fully take advantage of.  I feel we did, we loved it and were already talking about how we could save up and go again for another month long trip in the near future.
This is day 26 on our California Road Trip Summer 2016.  Make sure to check out the entire trip!

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