Ellenton, FL to Lake Park, GA / 2016-11-18

We delayed our intended departure time (which would have been around lunch time) until just after 8 PM because Emily and Caitlyn were performing Dancing through the Decades at their school through their after school program in a Drama club.

After the show, we headed home, got everyone changed into pajamas, fed them a snack, enforced a mandatory potty visit and picked up the dog.  Loaded up, we left Ellenton, FL around 815 PM and headed north on I-75.  Our hotel reservations were for just on the north side of GA state border in Lake Park, GA.  Our road trip was largely uneventful, though after Weston and Lila fell asleep, we stopped at a McDonald’s drive through because neither Brooke or I had eaten dinner yet.  It was the first time we had allowed any of the kids to eat in our new to us van (almost three months of no eating in the car!).  No major messes and just before midnight we pulled into the parking lot of the Days Inn Lake Park, GA which was one of the few dog friendly hotels on our route.  We carried the sleeping kids into the hotel, came back for our overnight bag and then headed to the check in desk to “check in”.  We were surprised to hear the front desk agent inform someone that they were sold out for the night and thankful that we had made advanced reservations.  We did our best to fall asleep, though the dogs clearly wanted to stay up (and keep us and our neighbors up) later.  Finally asleep sometime past 130 AM!

This is Day 1 of our Tennessee and Alabama Thanksgiving 2017 trip.  Make sure to check out the rest of the trip!

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