Bryant, AL & South Pittsburg, TN / 2016-11-20

We had agreed that this day would be mostly restful and gathering supplies.  The ladies (Brooke, her mom and Lisa) made a list for the grocery store, took Weston and left me with the girls at the vacation home.  We spent lots of time outside exploring the property, climbing trees and playing in the old cabin.

I improvised for lunch and let the  kids play inside until they returned from the grocery store.  We unloaded the groceries, hung out for a bit and then decided to head to a “nearby” playground.  We headed out to South Pittsburg, TN to the Playground Paradise.

Playground Paradise in South Pittsburg, TN

This was a neat little town with old Victorian homes and a small downtown area (Main Street!).  The kids loved this playground which was filled with lots of old tires and climbing areas.

They played until the sun started to set and we loaded up.  We got stopped by a train on the way home and while waiting we were greeted by someone’s dog.  It was almost like the dog was trained to come out when cars were stopped to get food or other treats.

The dog begging at Lisa’s car while we were stopped by the train

We made it home in time to get ready for dinner, but had to bring in some outside tables to fit our entire party.  A good dinner later and we were all ready for bed.

This is Day 3 of our Tennessee and Alabama Thanksgiving 2017 trip.  Make sure to check out the rest of the trip!

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