Bryant, AL / 2016-11-24

Happy Thanksgiving!

We intended not to leave the house for the entire day so that we could enjoy meals together, have some decorating time and fun parties. And, we were largely successful.  I suffer from stir-craziness, so I intentionally battled this in the morning by driving to the nearest town, South Pittsburg, TN to get in a morning jog.  The town was quintessential small town USA, occupying about 30 square, perfectly lined out blocks of houses, schools and churches, with one main street that held all the stores and the high school.
There was a clear divide at Pine Street between the nicer homes (on the West side) and the older homes (on the East side).  I crisscrossed the roads and ended my run at the high school football field and track.  I snapped a picture of the South Pittsburg, TN sign to send to my mom, as they were spending Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, PA.
After a quick trip to Super Walmart (primarily for a newspaper), I returned to the house to see the cooking fully underway.  I spent some time with the kids outside enjoying the 60 degree weather and playing in the cabin again.
The old cabin on the vacation rental property
We enjoyed a wonderful meal together around 1 PM and were reminded all of the blessings we enjoy in life, not least of all is our family.  Turkey, dressing (and stuffing), gravy and all the traditional sides adorned our plates, and then quickly disappeared.  I ate beyond comfortability and then recovered in front of some football.  After cleaning up, Brooke, Lisa and Patty prepared the kitchen for the kids to decorate some gingerbread houses.  Before they were allowed to start decorating, they had to pose to pictures (bribery works for picture taking).
It didn’t take long to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas!
The kids were allowed to eat as much candy and treats as they wanted during the decorating time, so it wasn’t long before the sugar rush kicked in.  To alleviate the built up energy, Brooke setup a glow in the dark party for the kids complete with glow up balloons, blow int he dark necklaces and bracelets and rotating light bulb.
You would think 30 straight minutes of running around would tire the kids out, but they were quite resilient packed with this much sugar.  A quick change into pajamas and a movie later, everyone finally crashed.
A great and happy Thanksgiving it was!
This is Day 7 of our Tennessee and Alabama Thanksgiving 2017 trip.  Make sure to check out the rest of the trip!

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