Chattanooga, TN / 2016-11-25

We spent the morning picking up, packing up and putting up (really just my lack of patience) with deciding on what we would be doing today. Emily really wanted to have some one on one time with her Aunt Lisa, so they decided to eat at the nearest Cracker Barrel and do some Black Friday shopping.  Brooke and I decided to take the other five kids into Chattanooga to explore some more.  Or first stop was McKay’s Used Bookstore yelp_icon.  This place was huge and well organized.  The good quality, in demand books were definitely priced higher than you would find at a thrift store (where we are used to used book shopping), but there was a clearance section where we could find some great deals.  The kids each picked up some books and we found some good deals (but we had to take turns because Arabella and Scarlet had fallen asleep on the way).
Next, we headed into the downtown area to grab some yummy treats.  Brooke always picks out the best places to eat, even if for only a snack and she had focused her sights on a place called Maple Street Biscuit Company, so we found it on Broad Street and then found parking just down the street.  Unloading the five kids and walking through downtown wasn’t too difficult, but we did garner our share of interested looks from bystanders.  We looked like a mother & father duck with our ducklings behind us.  We often get asked if all the kids are ours when we have our four out at once, but with five (and sometimes with six), we get asked every time.  Unfortunately, Black Friday meant that the Maple Street Biscuit Company was closed after 2 PM today, so we couldn’t enjoy a small snack (we had fed the kids only snacks for lunch so they were getting very hungry).  I lamented for Brooke over not being able to sample the one place she was looking forward to in Chattanooga.  We headed back toward the car and stopped in the Moon Pie General Store.  The kids had to eat at this point, so we ordered some food from their counter, let them eat and then they picked out some different flavors of mini moon pies to take home.  (Little note – they did not make it home).
Emily and Lisa met up with us here as we were checking out, so we walked across the street to the Cupcake Kitchen yelp_icon.  I ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake, Brooke got the Boston Creme Cupcake and the rest of the group got another four or five different flavors.  These were the best cupcakes I have ever had with the exception of Sweet in Orlando.
Some of the cupcake flavors available
The kids were no longer that hungry, but we had one more stop in store for them before heading back to the house for dinner.  We needed to pile into the car to head over to Market Street and The Hot Chocolatier yelp_icon.  The selection of different flavors of hot chocolate exceeded my assumptions, but we did our best to sample a few options like S’mores, Peppermint and Classic.
They were very good and the experience and presentation were very cool as well.  We finished up, got the kids into the cars and headed back to the vacation home.
Here, Patty had used the leftovers from Thanksgiving to make some Pot Pies, which made a delicious last dinner at the house before our trip ended.  We enjoyed the meal, everyone ate well and then it was off to bed.  We packed up as best we could that night knowing that it all had to fit back into our van somehow the next day.  Exhausted, we finally headed off to bed, Emily saddest of all that her time with her cousins and family would be coming to end shortly.  We planned on making the drive in one day the next day, so rest was very important.
This is Day 8 of our Tennessee and Alabama Thanksgiving 2017 trip.  Make sure to check out the rest of the trip!

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