Disney Cruise Day 2 / Day at Sea / 2017-01-22

Some people thrive on new environments, meeting new people and quickly adapt to their surroundings.  Others revel in comfort at familiarity and take time to adjust.  Most of our family falls into the second category, including myself, meaning that it takes a few days to fall into ease when somewhere new, and the Disney Cruise is no exception.  Emily, Lila, Weston and I all take some time to get our bearings and adjust, and we started to do so fairly early on this trip by the second day.

Even though Emily and Caitlyn had fallen asleep after midnight the day before, everyone was awake and ready to go by 730 AM.  We headed up to Cabana’s for breakfast at the buffet and the kids were welcomed with Krispy Kreme donuts and the promise of their availability for every morning of the cruise.  The offerings ranged from normal breakfast cuisine to seafood, fruit and boxed cereal (…grabbing a few extra of those for later thank you very much).  After breakfast, Lila and Weston wanted to head to the Oceaneer’s Lab while Emily and Caitlyn wanted to go swimming.

Brooke, Emily and Caitlyn enjoying the hot tub at deck’s edge

We obliged both parties and after a short while, the two older girls decided to join the others in the club, allowing Brooke and I some time alone, the first of what we thought would be many such occasions on this vacation.  We used the time to attend the Gold and Platinum Castaway Club Members Gathering where Disney was providing hor devours and cocktails while the upper management staff mingled with the guests.

Gold & Platinum Castaway Club Members Gathering

The commodore spoke for a while, but shortly into his speech, our Disney Cruise App buzzed letting us know that one of the kids would like to be picked up.  We mainly were attending the gathering because they had in the past provided us with some yummy goodies and were slightly disappointed (in the 1st world on a cruise in the member’s area sort of way) that they did not hand them out this time.  But, much to our delight on our way out, there was the basket of chocolate covered, Mickey Mouse shaped rice krispy treats.

We asked for four and bounded up the stairs to show the kids what surprises we had in store for them!
It was already time again to eat and we headed back to Cabana’s for a lunch buffet, but by this time Weston was starting to not cooperate and would only settle for an Uncrustable like the one he got from room service the night before.  We found head waiter and asked (if you want something/anything on this cruise, just ask, they love to make you happy) and he sent someone to fetch two Uncrustables for us (by this time Caitlyn had joined in on the request).  As I should have known, however, the Uncrustable would not arrive at the exact right temperature for a four year old’s advanced taste, which would cause further breakdown.  We attempted completing a craft (door hangers), but Weston delved further into tantrum and we proceeded back to the cabin.

Some crafting done….Caitlyn enjoys her Uncrustable

It took quite a while, and depleted our store of patience, before he started to calm down.  At this point, I decided it would be best to have them get some exercise and we all participated in the Midship Detective Agency game.

Midship Detective Agency

This cool game involves solving mystery by collecting clues at interactive paintings in the public areas around the ship.  At the starting point, you grab a map and an ID card, which provides a simple QR code for the interactive paintings to recognize.  The card is then used as a controller of sorts as you perform different tasks at each painting.  The kids loved it and we spent the next hour rushing from one painting and clue area to the next solving who stole the Muppet’s props (I won’t ruin the surprise…).

After the mystery has been solved, Emily and Caitlyn decide to go to the Oceaneer’s Lab to participate in a cooking class (they made, decorated and ate cookies) and Lila and Weston wanted to go swimming.  Again, we obliged as the two younger ones enjoyed the hot tub, Mickey slide and Nemo splash area with Brooke while I went jogging on the 4th deck outdoor running/walking path (2.5 laps = 1 mile).  After meeting back at the cabin, Brooke took Emily to the Bippity Boppity Boutique.  We had given the girls a choice of this special treat or an excursion while on land and Emily had chosen the pop star makeover.  She loved the pink hair, nail polish and pixie dust!

Tonight was Formal Night, so with Emily already prepared we quickly got the rest of the crew ready for a fancy night aboard the boat and hoped for the best that we could get 1 picture.

Brooke is ready for formal night

With Weston’s meltdown already occurring earlier, we were not so optimistic this would happen.  He was slightly cooperative as we posed for a few pictures and then made our way to Enchanted Garden for dinner.


Disney Cruise pioneered the rotating dining concept in which your serving team follows you around to the different restaurants and they quickly get to know your preferences.  Sure enough, when we arrived at dinner, our drinks were already set out and the server had suggestions off the menu ready to go.

The entire meal was great, including the desserts off the kids menu.

During the entire cruise, we were impressed with the service we received from our team, especially our main server, but the kids were even more impressed with the origami skills of our assistant server and main server, as they showed off these skills in making great paper airplanes, flowers and a working (flapping) bird.

After dinner, Lila and Weston opted to go back to the Oceaneer’s Club instead of attending the Broadway style show of Aladdin.  The performance was fantastic; it is always amazing to watch the dancers move of the stage as it rocks back and forth, never knowing exactly where they will land.  The display immediately took Brooke and I back to our middle school years when this movie was first released and we didn’t get buzzed to pick up the kids until almost the very end.  Lila had just wanted to make sure she could change into her pajamas for the Pluto PJ Party, so I quickly took her back to the cabin to change and Emily and Caitlyn also decided to join her.  We had hoped that Weston would want to as well, but he was exhausted and fell asleep before the girls even left the room.  Brooke and I hung out at the cabin, ordered some room service and waited for the girls to be ready to be picked up.  I met them just after 11 PM when they had finished coloring in their Pluto pillowcases from the party and Lila was ready for bed.  But, not Emily and Caitlyn.  There were more activities to attend and so we did….1130 PM Family Karaoke.  Finally, we were back in the cabin, again asleep after Midnight.

This was Day 2 of our Disney Cruise.  Be sure to check out the entire Western Caribbean Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in January 2017.

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