Disney Cruise Day 3 / Cozumel, Mexico / 2017-01-23

The consecutive late nights caught up to us a bit and we slept later than planned.  We had already docked at Cozumel and were allowed to get off the ship once we were finally out of bed.  The day looked to be absolutely beautiful and we were ready to experience some Mexican beaches.  Caitlyn and Brooke were booked for a Sea Lion experience at the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park advisor-trip-tripadvisor-icon-0 at 11 AM so we had a hard and fast timeline to work with today.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Cabana’s for breakfast and towed away our lunch for the day.  We had ordered room service the night before consisting of Uncrustables, chips and cookies so that we would have a lunch to bring with us for the kids.  We paired those items with some small boxed cereal and we knew the kids wouldn’t care to eat any of the local fare.

After debarking the ship, we found taxi transportation to the park and got Cailtyn and Brooke checked in.

Caitlyn, Lila and Emily at the entrace

We still had 30 minutes to get our bearing at the park and take in the Sea Lion show.


They brought out a few different sea lions to perform tricks and entertain the crowd, but by far the most memorable performance was a lip syncing rendition of “I’m a Believer”.

Shortly after the show, Brooke and Caitlyn met up with their group for the sea lion experience, donned their life jackets and headed back into the same pool where we had seen the sea lion show.  They spent about 45 minutes in the water (which they said was freezing) touching the sea lion as it swam by, doing tricks with the sea lion and getting kisses.  I was not allowed to take pictures (because they want you to buy their pictures instead).  I was prepared with some warm towels for them when the experience was over and we headed directly for this little man-made cove and beach area to relax and let the kids play.

We ate lunch, played in the sand and water and enjoyed some time in the sun.  It was rocky at the beach and it didn’t take long for one of the kids to fall and get hurt (Weston).  While he rested, Emily and Caitlyn went with Brooke to the pool.

Pool at Chankanaab Park

Lila entertained herself by continually throwing a ball into the ocean waves and waiting for it to come back; a bit like self-fetch.


We switched and Lila and Weston spent some time at the pool while Emily and Caitlyn went with me to explore the rest of the park.  We found Mayan artifacts and monuments, some replica huts and steam houses and a waterfall.

It was time to head back to the cruise ship, so we boarded the taxi back to the port to explore and do some shopping.

The kids at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park
Lila and Weston enjoying the taxi ride

After boarding the ship, Lila and Weston bolted off to the Oceaneer’s Club and we finally got to take Emily and Caitlyn on the AquaDuck, 765 feet long water raft ride that starts on the 12th deck and goes all around the ship, up and down, including a 4 deck descent, before ending up at the 11th deck.  The water was freezing, but the ride was exhilarating, so we hardly noticed.  We quickly got the other kids, took showers and got ready for Pirate Night.  We made it time for dinner, this time at the Royal Court, where Weston proceeded to hide under the table the entire meal because he didn’t want anyone to see him.


After dinner, we really wanted some pictures, but Weston was not cooperating, which is why most of the pictures from that night were just of the three girls.


Weston was very tired, going all day out in the sun and sand without a nap, but we all did make it through the main entertainment for the night, a full set from the ventriloquist Michael Harrison.  The kids thought he was hilarious, but as we returned to the room, it took less than 2 minutes for Weston to fall asleep (and Brooke was shortly thereafter).  The girls and I explored the ship some more, but eventually we made this the earliest night in of the entire cruise.

This was Day 3 of our Disney Cruise.  Be sure to check out the entire Western Caribbean Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in January 2017.

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