Disney Cruise Day 6 / Star Wars Day at Sea / 2016-01-26

Everyone is excited for Star Wars Day at Sea

Today was the long awaited Star Wars Day at Sea, something entirely new to us and a day at sea meant that we weren’t rushing around in the morning getting ready to disembark.

The kids with their Star Wars gear

We took in a leisurely breakfast at Cabana’s, and then Brooke followed Emily and Caitlyn to the open house at the Edge, the tween club located on the 13th deck of the ship.  I spent time in the shops and doing the Midship Detective Agency with Lila and Weston.  At the open house, Emily and Caitlyn were able to create their own on screen videos utilizing pre-set scripts and a green screen.  The scripts either focused on ESPN or Disney entertainment news reporting.

Emily and Caitlyn making a video in the Edge

They had a great time, but unfortunately, the DVD burner to create the keepsake was not functioning at that time.  The counselor on duty assured them that they would attempt to create one for them as soon as it was fixed.  We all met back up together outside the Walt Disney Theatre to partake in our first Star Wars activity of the day; the Trials of the Temple.


Weston did not want to participate, so the girls donned a robe and grabbed a lightsaber, following the actors onto the stage to take on the dark side.  After receiving some instructions and background on how to fight against the dark side as a group, they were able to individually return to the stage to conduct a stage fight against Darth Vader.  Lila was a little afraid once Darth Vader had entered the stage (mainly by his voice), so she did not participate in this, but Caitlyn and Emily had a great time swinging their lightsaber and ducking under the cuts from Darth Vader.

Watch the video below (it’s a bit long at 7 minutes) for a full detail of the experience.

After returning their lightsabers (they really wanted to keep them), we took all the kids to the Oceaneer’s Club.  For just the second time on the cruise, it was our decision and timing for them to go into the club and this time they were staying through lunch.  That was because just after we had booked the cruise, Brooke discovered that we could purchase a day pass for the Rainforest Room inside the Spa for just $16 for the entire day.  Once we read the description of the room, we were sold and we intended to make full use of the day while the kids were in the club.  After checking in at the spa front desk, we were escorted to the Rainforest Room and given a quick tour.  Next, we were instructed to return at our leisure, but to ensure that we were wearing our bathing suits because it was co-ed (they must have had an issue in the past somewhere).  The Rainforest Room was amazing!

Brooke is ready to enjoy the Rainforest Room

Inside the first area were three different sauna / steam rooms with differing levels of steam and heat and four different showers that provided three different water experiences each.

I am probably just thinking about my next Ice Cream (vanilla or banana flavor?)

With options like Rainforest (very warm heavy rain) to Water Fun (cool to warm mix with changing lights and aroma therapy) to Southern Storm (mainly warm steady flow with lightning effects) to Siberian Night (very cold and misty), the showers were great to experience and then re-experience the warmer ones.

Out through doors to a second, more serene area was a row of heated lounge chairs and two hot tubs overlooking the water and side of the ship.  The chairs were awesome and each had a soft reading light for some late night, relaxing reading.

We maxed out the time we knew the kids could make it in the club, but not before grabbing a quick meal alone.  Emily decided to stay at the Oceaneer’s Lab for Super Sloppy Science where she did experiments with liquid nitrogen and got to watch the reaction of mixing Coke and Mentos.  She had a blast!  While Emily enjoyed being a scientist, the other three kids took in more pool and water fun.  Lila and Weston spent most of their time playing in the Nemo’s Reef splash area while Caitlyn stayed in the Hot Tub and pools.

It was now nearing time for our second Star Wars experience, which was a character Meet and Greet.  We were hoping that our picture session would include R2D2 and C3PO, but they were unavailable and we got to take pictures with Chewbacca instead (was still pretty cool and a great costume).


Lila and Weston were more impressed with meeting random Storm Troopers in the hallways that barked instructions to passengers as they passed.


We returned to the room to get ready for dinner, and caught the best sunset of the cruise thus far out on our balcony.


Our dinner this night was back at the Enchanted Gardens and was by far the most expansive and enticing menu during the cruise.  Everything was Star Wars themed, and even the wait staff were dressed in costume.  The kids menus doubled as masks!


The night’s main entertainment was a showing of Rogue One and since it was PG-13, we did not want to take the kids to watch, nor did we want them to go back to the club again.  We did, however, want to still be able to enjoy the Rainforest Room (it’s an all day pass).  So, we decided to take turns in the room and I headed there first.  It was much less crowded and I took my time to enjoy the steam rooms and showers again.

Brooke took the kids to the sports deck for some mini-golf and to run off energy in the basketball court, where I met up with them a short while later.

Now it was Brooke’s time to enjoy the Rainforest Room.  After some group time completing another mystery of the Midship Detective Agency, Emily and Caitlyn decided to return to the Lab to do some spaceship crafts.  I continued another mystery with Lila and Weston until Brooke met back up with us for a quick snack.  We took some time to look through our pictures from the on board photography team and organized our pictures for easy purchasing in the future, if we decided to.  We picked up Emily and Caitlyn and all returned to the cabin.  Brooke was the only one to make it up to the top deck to take in the Star Wars celebration party and fireworks and when she returned we packed our things for tomorrow’s outing at Disney’s Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.

This was Day 6 of our Disney Cruise.  Be sure to check out the entire Western Caribbean Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy in January 2017.

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