Chattanooga & Alabama / Thanksgiving 2016

When we were first dating and then early on when married, we would do our best to spend holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas primarily) with both sides of our family.  First with my family and then with Brooke’s family.  We found this be to overwhelmingly exhausting and, at the end of the day, the quality time we should be seeking on these days was just not possible.  So, we decided to take turns on holidays and focus our time with just one side and then switch for the next year.

For 2016, it was Brooke’s family’s turn to spend our Thanksgiving and we decided to spend it near Chattanooga, TN in a vacation home with her parents (Phil and Patty), her sister (Lisa) and Lisa’s two children (Arabella and Scarlett).  We rented a 4 bedroom house on a few acres in Bryant, AL (about 30 minutes from Chattanooga, TN) that allowed for us to bring our dogs.

An old cabin on the property at the vacation home

We spent time at the house and property, in nearby cities like South Pittsburg, TN, in Chattanooga and one day visiting Nashville, TN.

Below is the full list by day of our trip!

Ellenton, FL to Lake Park, GA – 11/18/2016
Lake Park, GA to Bryant, AL – 11/19/2016
Bryant, AL & South Pittsburg, TN – 11/20/2016
Chattanooga, TN – 11/21/2016
Nashville, TN – 11/22/2016
Lookout Mountain, GA – 11/23/2016
Bryant, AL – 11/24/2016 (Happy Thanksgiving!)
Chattanooga, AL – 11/25/2016